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About Us - Arizona Hot Wing Sauce™     

Thank you for taking the time to check us out! We really doO3 appreciate it :-) and believe you'll become a customer of ours for life. We made that part easy for you with "The Sauce" so please know that if you do try it we'll grow old together as great friends. I'll try and keep the rest of this "Story" info short and spicy.

A long, long, long time ago (lol) I was born in Los Angeles, CA and grew up in Inglewood. I didn't taste my first buffalo hot wing until I moved to Phoenix, Arizona (12yrs old) and I thought they were pretty tasty. It was so good I added it to the list of things I like to eat. I just edited out 12 yrs of bumps, scrapes, stitches, and broken bones for your reading pleasure.

Over the years I found the hot wing flavor changed quite a bit depending on where I was ordering from. Some good, some ok, and overall a lot bad. I've had my fair share of nasty wings over the years which inspired me to make my own hot wing sauce at the age of 25.

Over the next twenty years I tinkered with my recipe, working as a Chef in Phoenix, then ultimately Las Vegas where it was perfected and made magically delicious. BTW, the name Arizona Hot Wing Sauce and the silhouette of Camelback Mountain in the logo were inspired by my time living and working there. Now at this time in Vegas my hot wing sauce is very good and many people are telling me it is the best hot wing sauce they've ever had. In fact, on June 8th, 2013, during a free buffalo hot wing tasting and feedback sammich party I held in a local Vegas park I had woman tell me she couldn't help with feedback. She explained that she was part of a large group of people who can't and won't eat meat off of a bone. I didn't know about these good people before that day but I do know she ended up eating over a dozen of my hot wings right off the bone shortly after we spoke. LOL Shout out to Angie. You Rock! The sauce is awesome now but I'm feeling like I'm not quite hitting the grand slam yet. Not satisfying that inner hunger for the passion I have for super great hot wings. I want the best ever!

Here's the good news my friend! Super Bowl Weekend 2014 is when it all happened and Arizona Hot Wing Sauce was born. During my cousin Brett's 21st Annual Super Bowl Party the decision to actually do something about "The Sauce" was made. The usual victims were there. Forty pounds of hot wings, Uncle Mike, Mike, Brett, Corey, Sean, Chad, Sean, Ryan, Josh, Mike, Tim, Lou, Bob, Kevin, Craig, Dan, Raj, Malcom, Rob, Jason, their kids, wives/girlfriends, and about 50+ more friends. I don't want to say it was ugly and I'm thankful I was the only one that was hurt, but when the wings hit the table they were literally gone in seconds. Just like you would imagine a shark feeding frenzy would go down.

Well... Shortly after the wings were gone the buzz started. I could overhear everyone saying how the wings were the best they ever had. People were coming up to me telling me they were the best and I have to admit the changes I made after the feedback from the Vegas wing party in the park made a huge difference. That inner hunger inside of me for the best wings ever was finally feeling satisfied.

The icing on the cake for me at the party and "The Sauce" came when a guy approached me and told me what I had already heard over 50+ times that night but this one was different. He could tell that I was interested in what he was saying but it wasn't until he put his hand on my shoulder and looked me square in the eyes that he had my full attention. He said, "YOU REALLY NEED TO DO SOMETHING WITH THIS HOT WING SAUCE!" Continuing with, "I'm a Hot Wing Connoisseur from Buffalo NY where Buffalo Wings were invented and these are by far THE BEST DAMN HOT WINGS I'VE EVER HAD." He also said, "PLEASE, PLEASE GET THIS INTO STORES SO I CAN BECOME A REGULAR CUSTOMER." Then he apologized by saying, "Sorry for yelling at you but I wanted to make sure you heard me." I did.

Hopefully my family, friends and acquaintances that I've tongue tortured over the years will forgive me once they try the final Arizona Hot Wing Sauce product. I feel very confident they will because I hit the grand slam home run with Arizona Hot Wing Sauce. Everyone says it's the best they've ever had so please ENJOY and know that your long search for the BESTEST, MOST MOUTH WATERING AND DELICIOUS HOT WING SAUCE EVER MADE ON THE PLANET ENDS HERE! Wishing you the best of everything life has to offer! -Tommy


Arizona Hot Wing Sauce has the best hot wing sauce recipe ever created that satisfies both the mild hot wing lovers as well as the serious hot wing connoisseurs!

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