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Testimonials - Arizona Hot Wing Sauce™

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Thank you to all the "Hot Wing Lovers" that came out to our free event on June 8th 2013 and thank you again for all of your great testimonials!

"I've been eating Tom's hot wings and sauce long before he went public. He comes to San Diego for all of our parties and he can't make the hot wings fast enough. I've used his sauce on hamburgers, hot dogs and steaks and it improves the taste of all meats. good stuff."
Michael Horan Poway, California
"We had wings with Arizona Hot Wing Sauce at a birthday party last month. It was by far the best wings ever! Ready to order more."
Brett Michael San Diego, California
"As a chef for over 17 years I can tell you that I've had my share of wing sauces. Arizona hot wing sauce is by far the best sauce on the market. It is the perfect balance of heat and flavor. Exactly what you need to impress your friends on game day!"
Josh B. - Santa Barbara, California
"I consider myself to be a wing snob and this sauce blew me away with how good it was. It's tough for me to eat anything else now."
Joey B. - San Diego, California
"Thanks for helping me make the BEST wings I have ever tasted! Arizona Hot Wing Sauce has the perfect amount of flavor, without going overboard. I love it and so do my family and friends (even the ones that said they didn't like wings). Now we put it on everything!"
Angi C. - Las Vegas, Nevada
"Arizona Hot Wing sauce is easily my favorite. I grill almost every week, so I’ve tried pretty much ever hot wing sauce in the area. My wife found this hot sauce, and I figured it’s worth a shot. After some good grilling my family tried their hand on some wings and were blown away! It’s got a good kick without just being “hot” sauce. It’s unique in that it doesn’t over power the chicken and it keeps the wings juicy. I’d order a whole box if I could!"
Jim Las Vegas, NV
"This hot wing sauce is awesome! But don't limit it to just wings. Its also excellent on nachos, sandwiches, eggs etc......................!"
Mike Jr. San Diego, California


"Are you chicken? That’s what my friends told me when I said I couldn’t take the flavor of this HOT sauce. It’s seriously good, and so addicting. I’ve tasted wing sauce that was so hot you couldn’t taste anything, but this is just right. It’s JUST enough hot taste without making you sweat. Now I keep it stocked in my fridge for BBQ’s. Every time people see it they ask me where they can get some… PERFECTION!"
Larry. Santa Fe, NM
"These are the best wings I have ever had and the sauce has the most amazing taste and spice combination. Can't wait for my next batch!"
Sean H. San Diego, California
"I use this sauce to cook my eggs in the morning! Everything available in the store is so boring. Same cookie cutter flavor hot sauces without any unique tastes that keeps it interesting. This is my go-to and I can’t use anything else! I make sure to order more before I run out. It’s so good my friends and family have been asking about it. I just tell them to go to ArizonaHotWingSauce.com to pick up somne. These guys are going to be famous!"
Richard. Las Vegas, NV
"Best wing sauce I've ever tasted! Has tons of flavor with the burn of the spice! I could drink it! I put this sauce on everything!"
Laura Ann San Diego, California
"I got my hands on this hot wing sauce after I visited their free promotional event in Vegas, and I was sold the moment I tried it! The crispiest chicken wings with the best sauce in town. I’d like to think I’m an expert to this kind of flavoring. It’s original and the guys behind it are great. They know their stuff! I’m really happy I went to this event, and got my hands on this awesome sauce. My favorite wing sauce for making buffalo wings on game day!"
Frank Los Angeles, California
"One of the best wing sauces created! I’ve tasted and collected several dozen hot wing sauces and I have to honestly say this one is one of the best. Their secret receipt is not only exceptional, but never overpowers foods. I can lather this one tenders, hamburgers, wings, ribs, you can name and it will come out moist and flavorful. It’s very affordable as many originals try to overcharge on such a product. Great product, price, and performance!"
Matt K. New York City, New York
"This is the best wing sauce ever! No other sauce compares to Arizona Hot Wing Sauce's bold and spicy taste! I use it on everything!"
Kim B. - San Diego, California
"I’ve tried just about every type of hot sauce out there. Arizona’s isn’t the absolute hottest that I’ve tried, but is plenty hot enough and actually tastes amazing. That’s the one thing a lot of these other hot sauces lack; they focus so much on just being hot and completely forget about the taste. Arizona’s hot wing sauce gets it right. Plenty of heat and taste and it goes good with anything."
Kyle B. - Henderson, NV
"Let me just say WOW. Arizona’s HWS has some real kick but NOT too much. Definitely the best hot sauces I’ve ever tasted. Just a disclaimer: This sauce is for the casual eaterand the hot sauce lovers. It is perfectly hot and goes great with any kind of meat, fries, wings, nachos, anything. I even put it in my chili and on tacos and burritos. I win competitions with this sauce."
Lucas, Andy. - Phoenix, AZ
"Love your sauce. It's some of the best sauce I have ever had. I like to dip my veggies in it too. Yum!"
Kathy N. - San Diego, California
" Arizona Hot Wing Sauce is truly the best wing sauce I have ever had. You can't get quality like this anywhere."
Steve G. - San Diego, California
"My family and I just finished our first batch of hot wings with Arizona’s Hot Wing Sauce! The consensus is in… We all love it! We all like to put it on different things too. It’s very versatile as a condiment and really tastes great on just about everything. It’s got a fantastic, spicy kick and a really bold flavor! If you enjoy hot stuff, you’ll love this! Get it before it sells out because it will!"
James R. - Dallas, Texas
"I've had it for years and always loved it! I would recommend it to anyone. I'm glad I can finally buy some and treat my friends!"
Mike N. - San Diego, California
"As advertised. Savory spicy, amazing flavor, and it tastes good with everything. Pretty cheap, too. I always make sure I have some at home and in my mini fridge at work. I put it on everything. My staff always jokes with me that I’m addicted, but hey I just have good taste. Label me all you want. This stuff is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! I’m buying one for every staffer in my office so they can be just as addicted too. Keep it up!"
William Brown. - San Francisco, California
"I got this as a gift for fathers day by my family and I couldn’t be happier! The buffalo wing sauce is just the right amount of hot without sending my kids crying. Lol! They actually quite enjoy it and it’s nice seeing them eat something good like Buffalo wings. It’s great for game day and my wife loves it too! I use it AT LEAST twice a week. I’m always ordering more. They have some great recipes on their site, which is cool too. These Arizona guys know their stuff, thanks dudes!"
Brad C. - Omaha, Nebraska
"Wow this sauce is good!! Great spice but it didn't overwhelm the taste which is awesome."
Chris J.- San Diego, California
"It’s crazy good! I got this sauce during one of their tasting events and it was then when I became an avid fan! I can only honestly say I have never tasted anything like this before. Most restaurants just prepare their wings with general hot sauce but this one takes the cake! I knew as soon as I tried this on some wings, I’d be serving this in my restaurant. I’m thrilled and my customers noticed the change too! They were really impressed! Arizona hot sauce is going to be top dog soon I know it!"
Nicolas D. - Santa Barbara, California
"My husbands a big fan of wings, I’m pretty sure he'd eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I let him! :) I purchased it after the funky chicken on the label caught my eye, it’s original, and no one knows about it. A real untapped sauce. Small businesses like this always have one of a kind stuff so when I got it and made him some wings. It was amazing at how much he noticed I had used something different. I surprised him with it and he was thrilled! I don’t think he wants anything else but Arizona Hot Wing Sauce! Super guys!"
Janet J.- Omaha, Nebraska
"THE BEST BUFFALO WINGS SAUCE I HAVE EVER HAD! I tried this in a local restaurant and I HAD to ask the owners about it they said that it was a local company and I could go online to purchase it for myself. I’m a huge fan if you can’t already tell! Ha! I use this for every BBQ. My friends all ask me to bring over wings for game day, and even my wife likes it too. Now that’s quality! My wife never likes anything! I’d store these away for an apocalypse if I had too. It doesn’t get any better! Woo!"
Steve H. - St. Paul, MN
"Arizona Hot Wing Sauce is so good I could eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner."
Chad H. -San Diego, California
"If you are fan of buffalo wings, do yourself a huge favor and buy this sauce! The sauce is so penetrable in the meats that I mix it in with almost all my rubs. Chicken, ribs, you name it! It’s really great and it makes my friends and family drool when they see it. Spicy without being overbearing on my wings, meats, eggs, toast, shoes etc.! Perfecto!"
Dale - Las Vegas, Nevada
"This sauce has helped me win several competitive awards, so far I got best ribs, and best wings in my city! I know I owe it all to Arizona’s HW sauce too. I’ve been competing for years and I was never able to even place. First year with this sauce I got 1st place. Works like a charm, I would love this sauce more if I could."
Mack G. - Houston, Texas
"This is legitimately the best wing sauce I've ever had. The flavor, the spice, the combo couldn't be better. I put it on a lot of different foods, and I would recommend it to anyone!"
Dan C. - San Diego, California
"This is it, this is the sauce I’m sticking with forever. I can’t get enough "wings", I’m always dining out to have them made for me because I could never get the taste I was looking for just right. BUT now I can make them myself! Authentic and good eaten’ I deep fried my wings in oil, and tossed all of the wings in the sauce, and shook ‘em up! I served with blue cheese dressing and celery sticks. Can’t say anything other than it tastes like heaven!"
Tony - Albany, NY
"Arizona Hot Wing Sauce's hot wings are the only wings I have enjoyed. This amazing hot wing sauce is great on anything! It's a real treat when I get to make their awesome wings!"
Carli H. -San Diego, California


"I use this buffalo sauce then marinate my chicken breasts in this awesome buffalo chicken wing sauce! After been cooking slow for a few hours on the grill I lather the sauce all over, and then I shred the chicken with a fork making a my favorite “pull chicken buffalo sandwiches” it is the best thing I've EVER eaten! Everyone has to get their hands on this sauce!"
Amy M. - Omaha, NE
"This sauce is the best I have ever found online, or anywhere for that matter! Ever since I was little, I had always LOVED Buffalo wings and there was a local restaurant that made spicy ones that I always got. But I’ve been on the search ever since, I have been searching for the perfect wing sauce. I used these on my chicken wings for all my big events (and some little ones for myself) :) Oh my, it is pure heaven. My family and I love this sauce!"
Jesse M. - Reno, NV
"My husband and friends loved it. Arizona’s hot sauce makes the wings taste like you're eating wings at a restaurant. I deep fried my wings, toss on the sauce, and got great reviews at my party this weekend. This sauce is so perfect! I’m on my way to top my afternoon with football and wings at a friend's house on my block! Finger licking good!! Thanks Arizona’s Wing Sauce!"
Gina D. - Portland, Oregon
"My husband and I consider ourselves hot sauce experts. We have tried everything and this takes the cake. Of course there are hot sauces that work best on certain foods and in certain recipes, but this Arizona buffalo wing sauce has been consistent for all of our hot sauce needs. This gives you the kick a hot sauce should, and has us coming back for more every time!"
Meagan S.- Mobile, Alabama
"For over a year now I have been using several types of hot sauce on all types of food. Before I started this, I only ever remember using hot sauce on barbeque sandwiches. I have tried numerous types of hot sauces during this period and Arizona hot sauce has set itself apart from the others! This is a hot sauce that I like having around as a basic staple because it’s has a unique and original flavor. It's neither too hot or too mild, and has great flavor. This is one of those kinds of hot sauces that I can use on anything. It is a recommendable hot sauce for me! Great!"
Marcus H. - St. George, Utah
"I was introduced to this local hot sauce while on a trip to Arizona this summer. My daughter had some on her chicken and when I asked her about it she raved! I like some hot sauces, but am not too crazy about them. This was not so peppery and it didn’t leave my mouth on fire but and still had great flavor to it. She gave me an extra bit while I was there and when I ran out I went looking around! I found it online! That’s why I say it is amazing. I purchase this Arizona Buffalo Wing Sauce here online. I live in the New England so this type sauce is nearly impossible to find! Love love love it!"
Christina - Victorville, California
"I’m a mega lover of spicy sauces. I thought it would be good but this is WOW! It isn't just a hot sauce, it has flavor. It is soooo good. It's good on chicken, eggs, and pork! Plus, It is out of this world on cottage cheese, sounds weird but I have yet to try anything that it tasted so good on, cottage cheese, toast, chili, it’s all perfect! It does have a good bit of kick to it but not too much!"
Greg, L. - Phoenix, AZ
"I remember growing up and my mom would buy this hot sauce for our bbq’s. I loved it, but I was on the search for my own original sauce. I'm glad I found this on online. It was not only delivered quick but also packaged properly. It will last me a while because you just need a few daps if you're adding to flavor dishes. It's very tasty and hot. You can definitely taste all the flavors! I love it and would buy this again once it's gone. It does kick up the taste in all my meals. Super!"
Mandy R. - Chicago, IL
"The perfect combination of flavor and spice! While I'm a fan of HOT food, I do not like to sacrifice the flavor of what I'm eating just to achieve that hot temps. Arizona’s delivers bursts of flavor in every drop of sauce unlike any other hot sauce I've ever found. I use this in chilies, on pizza, added to bbq rubs and just about anything else I can think of that tastes better with a little heat and a lot of flavor."
Larry R. - Mesa, Arizona
"As you can probably tell from other fan, this stuff is the new condiment! I can take really hot stuff, but this sauce isn't about killing your taste buds. It lets you experience the flavor in its entirety, while also complementing it’s unique tastes. I love to put this hot sauce on hot dogs and hamburgers, and even cheap ramen noodles. One of the best!"
Ross B. - Las Vegas, Nevada
"Honestly, I think I just bought this for the crazy chicken logo! But my husband is crazy for it!  He puts it on about almost everything. I think I saw him putting it on his toast for breakfast… Lol.  I like it, but I am more of bbq sauce user. My husband on the other hand goes a little wild! It's on the dinner table every night. He likes hot sauce that is not only hot, but also has flavor in addition to the heat. This is the one!"
Jamie S. - Peoria, Arizona
"I’m extremely picky when it comes to hot sauce. I like something that doesn't send my tongue up in flames, but is not too mild either the flavor has to have just the right sort of kick! Arizona Hot Sauce fits all these descriptions, which is pretty epic seeing as it's got great flavor, but the list of ingredients is WAY more simpler than I originally though. This is why I love small biz for this reason!"
Drew R.- Green Bay, WI
"Who can resist this crazy chicken in the first place? Our family absolutely adores the sauce because it is a little tangy but not too tart, plus it has a really nice kick of spiciness to it. There's a nice balance of heat yet it still holds the flavor of the meat. I’ve paired it up with so many types of meals! I’m definitely stocking up and ordering some for friends who love hot sauces!"
Todd W. - Glendale, Arizona
"It's hot, but not blistering.  I can taste the peppers along with the other ingredients, which was what I was missing in my other sauces. Most of the store brands just taste likes hot vinegar. With zero personality. Thanks to Arizona’s I now have some sauce and kick that I can use morning, noon & night, just like I was used to having growing up. I'm sure I'll be able to use it to dip finger foods in, along with the drizzling on burgers, fish and steak. I better stop there; I'm getting hungry all over again. Thank you! Thank you for making this amazing sauce!"
Bryan S. - Phoenix, Arizona







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